Imagine if your great grandparents had had the opportunity to record elements of their lives, leave you pictures and memories from their time on this planet. You as their descendant could look back and understand the lives they led, the heartaches they suffered, the joys they experienced, the people they loved, the animals they kept even the food that they ate. The legacy that they left!


Quite the opposite – It’s your FREE confidential bequeathed legacy

Legoflife gives you the chance to record your history for posterity, to leave a legacy of your own that descendants and family members can access and document. It can be kept confidential until you have passed and access bequeathed to next of kin or executor of your will.

Archive photography and video content to all of your memories and even download your whole life history in chronological order in a pdf printable format

Legoflife will be the start of a family legacy handed down through generations.